Struggling with Sciatica?


If you have sciatica, you may believe that the only forms of treatment available to you involve spending your days in the haze of pain medication effects or undergoing a costly and life altering surgery to correct the problem. Fortunately, you have several more options – ones that are natural, yet effective. Here are just a few from Dr. Stutman, your friendly Baltimore chiropractor:

Trigger Point Therapy Dry Needling for Sciatica

Trigger point therapy dry needling involves the insertion of sterilized needles into specific trigger points in the body. The basic ideology of this sciatica relieving option is that pain is sometimes caused by muscles that are tight and almost banded together (such as what happens after an injury). To relieve the pain, pressure is placed on specific points that are triggering the pain, thereby releasing the adhesion or band that is keeping them together.

Neurofeedback Therapy for Sciatica

A second natural remedy for sciatica is something called neurofeedback therapy, or biofeedback therapy. This involves using a machine that essentially reads your body (via heart rate, muscle activity, etc.), allowing you to learn how to manipulate it to alleviate your own sciatic pain using nothing more than the power of your own mind.

Chiropractic Care for Sciatica

Sciatica is not really a condition, but more of a term for the pain that radiates from your lower back to your leg. That makes it a symptom, which means that the best treatment option involves finding out what is causing the sciatica and dealing with it directly. This is where your Baltimore chiropractor can help.

If your sciatica is caused by a bulging disc, for instance, chiropractic care can help correct the issue, thereby relieving your pain. After your initial consultation, exam, and testing, a treatment plan can be created with your overall health and wellness in mind.

Dr. Mark Stutman is a Baltimore chiropractor committed to helping his patients treat the conditions that lead to sciatica. Dr. Stutman and his team have helped hundreds of patients in recover from sciatica in the greater Baltimore region, including Langley Park, Takoma Park, Riverdale, and Laurel, MD. Call Stutman Chiropractic and schedule your appointment today. The sooner you receive treatment, the better you will feel!

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